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  • Honeybee Swarm Alert

    Swarming often happens on fine, mild days, occasionally just after a period of rainy weather, in spring or early summer (April through May). A swarm is a group of bees in transit from their original hive to a new home. Once an ideal location has been identified, the swarm will

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  • Need a Gift?

    A membership to OSBA is the perfect one size fits all present for every Beekeeper on your list!

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  • Join or Renew

    Join or Renew Today

    Don’t forget to join or renew your membership today. This helps support Youth Scholarship Program, Live Webinar Training Series, Travelling Speaker Program, Round Table Discussion, and much, much more. A 1-year membership is based on the current calendar year (January through December). For joining or renewing, start by heading to the

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  • Live Webinar Training Series + YouTube

    Recorded presentations are edited, uploaded, and ready for you to learn from to help make you a better beekeeper. Bee sure to join us on the fourth Sunday of each month at 7:00pm for another “Live” presentation.

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  • Traveling Speaker Logo

    Traveling Speaker Program “Honeycomb Management“

    The OSBA Board is sponsoring a new presentation with the Traveling Speaker Program “Marketing your Honey“. This new educational topic will discuss how beekeepers can generate income from their bees and explore the state laws that apply. OSBA covers the majority of the cost of this program.

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