2022 Fall Conference ~ Cancellation Information

The 2022 Fall Conference was canceled due to low registration numbers. We have put together a page of highly asked questions and answers to those questions. As information becomes available, this page will be updated immediately.

Questions/Answers: as we field questions, they will be posted here.

Will I receive a refund for the cancellation? Refunds for registration fees will be reversed to the credit card that was used to make your purchase. The new/renewal membership fee will not be refunded and will be processed for your 2023 memberships. Please check your credit card statements over the next few days.

Will OSBA have a fall conference in 2023? Yes, the 2023 conference will begin working on the 2023 OSBA Fall Conference in 2023.

How can I help with the 2023 conference? “Volunteer” you do not have to be a director, representative, or board member. You can volunteer to help with the committee and to assist in spreading the word for people to register and attend. The committee will be forming in late January/early February toward the 2023 conference.

Will there still be a conference call or Zoom for elections, business meetings, etc.? Yes, the board still has a duty to have a business meeting for end-of-year, election results, and other items. The committee is pulling this together now, and it will be posted within the next few days. The membership is welcome to attend. Please check for updates/links.

Why was the venue changed? The move was not on purpose. We plan these conferences 1-year ahead. Tolles Career & Technical Center (Plain City) venue would not allow us to reserve it, as Covid was still very active at that time. It was still a concern with OSU (Wooster) when we reserved the Fisher & Shisler Conference Buildings when we did. Skip ahead through the year, now everything has since opened up.

Does OSBA have an idea why registration was low this year? We are collectively putting all of the comments, email feedback, and talking points together and asking other state conference committees/leaders too. We have already scheduled multiple meetings (even tonight 10/21) to share our results. This information will be shared with the Fall Conference Committee for next year’s fall conference planning.


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