Annual Reports

For financial reports for years other than those listed below, please review the OSBA Newsletters for previous years.

Note that for years prior to 2014, OSBA’s income was lower than the threshold required for the 990, hence only the 990N Postcard was completed.

For any interim financial reports for the current year, see the meeting minutes.


2018 Amended Affiliate 990s

2018 External Audit Report

2018 IRS 990 Annual Report for OSBA

2018 IRS 990 Annual Report for Affiliates (Group)

2018 In-Kind Donations

2018 Reimbursements and Payments to Individuals

2018 OSBA Conference and Member Meeting – Treasurer Report

2017 Amended Affiliate 990s

2017 Audit Committee Report

2017 Letter from the Audit Committee Chairperson

2017 IRS 990 Annual Report, Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement

2017 IRS 990 Affiliate Annual Report

2017 In-Kind Donations

2017 OSBA Conference and Member Meeting- Treasurer Report

501c3 Status Letter