Beginner Internship

Beginner InternshipThe Beginner Internship Classes that were offered last year as a pilot program are being offered again this year. The classes run on the 1st Saturday of the month, February – November, from 9:00 am until approximately noon. The program is offered to all new beekeepers that are members of local bee clubs in Ohio.

In each class, we break down in a step-by-step process, what the students should be looking for and what needs to be done in the apiary that month. The classes are all recorded and available on a private YouTube channel for the students to review if they are unable to attend the live classes.

These classes are in addition to any classes offered by local bee clubs. We are using OSBA’s Zoom account, but any money that is charged by the local clubs for this internship stays with the local club. The intent of this program was to offer local clubs another way to fundraise.

Each club may decide what and how they want to charge for the class. Last year, some clubs charged for the Beginning Internship class separately from their own Bee School. Some clubs added the Beginner Internship Classes as part of their Bee School and charged a little more. Some clubs used the Beginner Internship AS their Bee School. Some clubs did not charge for the class. It’s completely up to each club.

Last year, non-club-members and even out of state beekeepers asked to join the classes, and we had no protocol for that. The committee has decided that all Ohio Beekeepers who want to join these classes MUST be a member of an Ohio Beekeeping Club and pay to join through that club. Any beekeeper from out of state will be charged $100, which will go to OSBA’ youth Scholarship program.

Any questions can be sent to Roger Myers, Committee Chairperson