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OSBA Fall Conference

October 29

TheOhio State Beekeepers Association is pleased to announce the 2022 Ohio StateBeekeepers Association( OSBA)  FallConference/ Meeting. This event will be held in-person on Friday, October 28thand all day Saturday October 29th. This year’s conference/meeting is being heldin Wooster Ohio at the Fisher Auditorium and Shisler Conference Center locatedat the OARDC CAMPUS.  We have many greatspeakers lined up giving presentations on:


1)    Ohio Apiary inspectionprogram

2)     Reasons that honeybees die and how to preventit

3)    Genetics and Breedingmite-resistant Honeybees stock in Ohio and the Midwest.

4)    Ohio pollinators habitatinitiative program

5)    Honeybee pheromones” commonscents”

6)    Age related task of a workerbee “ethology”

7)    Mysteries and management of alaying worker

8)    Fight the mites”understanding the mysterious Tropilaelaps Mite”

9)    Varroa Anatomy,” why itmatters to your bees.”

10)  The legal ramifications of doing honey bee cutouts. “Knowing the Liabilities and your limitations”.  

11) Understanding and minimizinginsecticide bee kills in soybeans


 The conference will also be having a Honeyshow with judging, Raffles and plenty of top area equipment vendors.

Andsome of the best food the local area has to offer!!!!!! 


Soplease SAVE THE DATE for the OSBA Fall Conference/Meeting October 28-29th 2022in Wooster Ohio. 


October 29