Certified Honey Judges

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This page is here to help promote and support Ohio’s official honey judges. This will give you access to contact judges who have been trained and are willing to judge honey products with the highest standards.

What or who is an OSBA Certified Honey Judge

Honey Judges have a difficult task in that they are not only evaluating the actual honey itself but also the care the exhibitor takes in putting it up for show. Many of the criteria are objective with density being the most easily measured. Infinitely variable due to the different floral sources, honey’s flavor evaluation is highly subjective and requires years of experience.

Becoming an OSBA Certified Honey Judge requires attendance to an approved accreditation class and the completion of a honey judge apprenticeship by assisting a certified judge in a set number of shows as well as acting as a Steward in a set number of shows.
Approved judges have to demonstrate proficiency in the categories for which they will be a judge by actively participating with exhibit entries in multiple honey show classes themselves.
The process also dictates candidates give a presentation on competing in a honey show and demonstrate continued dedication to the skill of honey judging.
All qualifications must be completed within a set time period and documentation of such must be submitted to the OSBA Honey Judge Accreditation Committee.
Honey Shows are a valuable way for clubs to raise public awareness and to promote member participation, clubs may help support an up and coming honey judge by requesting a presentation on competing in a honey show. If you are interested in becoming a Honey Judge please contact
Please see the list of approved Honey Judges for the state of Ohio –

The following individuals are currently OSBA Certified Honey Judges who are actively judging honey shows within Ohio.

Dwight Wilson 419.722.1953 Findlay, OH
Jim Thompson Smithville, OH
John Grafton 740.543.3067 Bloomingdale, OH
Terry Lieberman-Smith Miami Valley
Alex Zomchek 513-280-3476 Miami Valley
Laurie Kehres
Peggy Garnes 330-723-6265 Medina, OH
Jeff Dicken Minerva, OH