New Beekeeper Outreach

This link has all of the documents to support local clubs and share information about the New Beekeeper Outreach. Be sure to check out the Beginner Internship videos which will walk you through your yearly tasks month by month and other tutorials on the OSBA Youtube Channel

If you wish to enroll students for the complimentary trial membership please download the excel sheet below and return it when completed to . Some clubs use this as their sign in sheet on a tablet or laptop the day of the class, no typing for you!

Please download the information sheet containing links to information, videos and helpful websites related to beekeeping.

New Beekeeper Outreach

New Beekeeper Information Sheet Download
New Beekeeper Excel Sheet Download ↓


How To Submit your class information to receive the free class materials:  Please include the details of your class such as expected number of students, date, time, location, who to contact for enrollment and class fees. We will post your classes on the OSBA Event Calendar. 

The education of beekeepers is critical to their success and that of the bees they tend. OSBA is committed to helping local clubs by providing a complimentary one year trial membership for those individuals not already members of OSBA, and materials to supplement those available at your local classes. We provide pens, brochures and most importantly, Varroa Management Guides from the Honeybee Health Coalition.
Clubs interested in receiving complimentary materials may email