Ohio State Fair

Ohio State Fair ~ July 24 – August 4

Booth Volunteers РOnce again, we are pleased to have a booth at the Ohio State Fair. This allows us to help educate the public about our precious pollinators, connecting new beekeepers to area clubs, and offering memberships to OSBA. This helps build our colony, making it stronger. We are looking for clubs & volunteers to help at our booth. If you would like to volunteer, we provide free parking passes and tickets. Click the links below to volunteer and then email:  with how many passes (parking/admission) tickets you need. Provide phone, address, city, state, zip too. Deadline June 19


Honey Competition & Entering ~ Honey Judging Entries ~ Would you like to compete with your entrees at the Ohio State Fair? 3105 – Honey/Bee Items: Honey Breads, Honey Baked Desserts, Honey – water white/extra white, Honey – white, Honey – extra light amber to light amber, Honey – amber & dark amber, Honey – creamed/granulated, Honey frames, Other Honey – cook & crafts, and Beeswax Chunk. Don’t delay; get your registration done now. Deadline is June 21 at 1:00 pm. Use the links below for more details.

Entry Rules

On-Line Registration