2021 Fall Conference Election Candidates

Learn about the OSBA Directors and Representatives Regions here.

  • Absentee ballots are permitted. The mailed ballot must be in an envelope with the return address of the OSBA member on the outside of the envelope. This is to prevent multiple voting by one member. The absentee ballot will not be opened until ballot counting and will not be used to record or monitor the member’s vote. Completed absentee ballots will be mailed directly by the voter to the Nominating Committee Chairperson’s address. This address will be listed in the OSBA Fall Newsletter on the absentee ballot. If the Nominating Committee Chairperson is seeking election/re-election the Nominating Committee will determine the applicable mailing address for the absentee ballots.
  • Write-in ballots are permitted under the following guidelines:
    • The name on the write-in ballot must be spelled correctly using first and last name.
    • The home address or name of the home club or home city of the write-in candidate must be used to avoid any like-named persons.
    • The candidate must be an OSBA member in good standing.

Online voting will be allowed by OSBA members only. Write-in candidates will be accepted on the absentee paper ballot.

For more information contacting the Election Committee Chairlady Laurie Kehres ~

*Nominees are added as they apply, so please check back for updates.