Swarm Removal

To search for beekeepers in Ohio who will remove swarms or established hives click on your county below:

Swarm Removal in Monroe County     (Search another county)

  • Ian Rouse (Monroe County)
    • Services: Swarm Removal
    • Call 740-509-8841

Swarm Removal in counties adjacent to Monroe County

  • Justin Atkins (Fayette County)
    • Services: Swarm Removal, Cutouts (Remove established hives)
    • I’m a local beekeeper outside Washington Court House and I am happy to relocate honey bee swarms from Fayette and surrounding counties. Call/text 740-505-3010
  • Kenneth & Sandra Bach (Washington County)
    • Services: Swarm Removal
    • Call 740-374-4040
  • Vincent Jett (Washington County)
    • Services: Swarm Removal
    • Call/Text (740) 706-1590