Traveling Speaker Program

The OSBA Board is sponsoring another new presentation with the Traveling Speaker Program, “All About Winter Bees”. This new educational topic will discuss the importance of preparing your colonies in August, so you have healthy, fat workers that will make it until April of the next season. OSBA covers the majority of the cost of this program. This year, there will be a nominal fee to reserve a Traveling Speaker $50.00 for OSBA Affiliates and $100.00 for non-affiliates. There is a limit of (2) presentations per organization. This program is only available for Ohio Beekeeping Clubs/Associations. Other organizations seeking to provide beekeeping-related programs are encouraged to contact the bee clubs in their areas.

Ohio Beekeeping Clubs/Associations wishing to schedule a presentation, please complete the request form and send it to the Traveling Speaker Committee at . Traveling Speaker Request Form ~ Download ↓


Traveling Speaker Presentations being offered:

  • All About Winter Bees ~ discuss the importance of preparing your colonies in August so you have healthy, disease-free workers that will make it until April of the next season.
  • Apiary Diagnostics Kit ~ how to use the tools of the trade to monitor colony health, marking queens, and with a special discount from Better Bee after the presentation.
  • Marketing your Honey ~ create your honey marketing strategy to promote and sell your products in the market successfully.
  • Honeycomb Management ~ learn how comb is made, used, and properly stored in/outside the hive.
  • Chemical Treatments for Varroa Control ~ why, when, and how to use chemical treatments correctly on honey bee colonies.
  • Successful Overwintering ~ essential steps you can take to help your bees survive winter.
  • Monitoring for Sustainability ~ learn the tools and techniques for pest and disease identification.
  • Sustainable Beekeeping: Using Nucs in the Apiary
  • Sustainable Beekeeping: Queen Rearing for the Hobbyist Beekeeper

Disclaimer: The Ohio State Beekeeping Association (OSBA), its members, and its respective representatives, directors, officers, presenters, agents, independent contractors, and employees (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Authors”) disclaim any liability for loss or damage to bees or bee colonies resulting from the application of any processes, procedure, technique, product, or treatment described in the videos. The processes, procedures, techniques, products,  or treatments presented in this video are the expressed opinion of the presenter. While  OSBA makes every attempt to vet each presenter and present good beekeeping practices, no warranty of guaranteed accuracy or reliability is claimed. The Authors shall not be responsible to any person for any loss or damage to bees or bee colonies, including because of negligence.

Nothing in the videos is intended to endorse or recommend any product, procedure, process, technique, or treatment. Readers should exercise their judgment in researching information and making decisions about their situations. The reader must evaluate the accuracy, completeness, or utility of any information or other content presented in the videos. Readers desiring further information are encouraged to consult their local university extension service.

Precaution and Legal Responsibility: Any product mentioned in the recordings must be used per the directions on the label. The user assumes the risk to persons or property arising from any product used in a way inconsistent with the label.

Acknowledgments: The Ohio State Beekeepers Association would like a special thank you to the presenters, members, and peer reviewers who helped vet, produce, and review the video productions.

2024 Traveling Speaker Information

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